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Either two volume set of either "Health & Safety at Work Brief" or "Environment Brief" is normally priced at £164 (incl. p&p). No payment need be made now. As a special introductory offer, orders placed attract a discount of some £20 – only £144.90 (incl. p&p) will be invoiced. A further discount of £5 is given where payment accompanies the Order – only £139.90 is payable. Further discounts apply where both "Health & Safety at Work Brief" and "Environment Brief" texts are ordered and, again, where payment accompanies such an order. These prices are given on the Order page. In any event, this is an on approval offer – each two Volume text or both two Volume texts may be inspected for 21 days without any obligation. If you are not totally satisfied, you may return each text or both texts and the subscription will be cancelled (and any payment returned). Otherwise we will continue to forward new Editions of "Health & Safety at Work Brief" at approximately £125 each year unless you cancel. Each year the entire text of some 1,000 -1,100 pages of this text is replaced by each new Edition thoroughly revising the whole text. As a result, filing takes seconds. The pricing policy is to keep the cost of these new Editions at approximately £125 for the foreseeable future. Your total commitment is therefore approximately £125 per annum for the two Volume text and you may cancel at any time. In exceptional circumstances, Locksley Press Ltd reserves the right to require payment at time of ordering - an example could be an order outside the UK.