• Four Volumes - Over 2,000 pages and 6,000 references in loose-leaf format
  • Practical Handbook for the Business, Professional, Public and Academic Sectors
  • Pricing policy keeps updates APPROX £75-80 p.a.
  • Now in its 20th Edition
  • Contributions from top world authorities
  • Brief and Comprehensive
  • Some 2,000 contact points in over 100 countries
  • Coverage of EU grants, loans, research contracts, etc.

EU Brief Information

As a definitive and leading text on the European Union (EU), since the 1980s, "EU Brief" is probably the single most important source of information in the UK. Volume 1 covers EU institutions and contact points. Volumes 2 & 3 state the laws, policies and practice of the EU. Volume 4 provides coverage of EU grants, loans etc. "EU Brief" represents both an investment and an authoritative guide. For example, some 100 pages cover Economic and Monetary Union, the European Central Bank and the social measures under the EC Treaty and a further 400 pages give coverage to the Single Market. Again, the text covers such developments as the radical overhaul of EU competition law (eg. 1999-2001 block exemptions and guidelines on horizontal and vertical agreements), the Competition Act 1998 and Enterprise Act 2002, the 2001 Regulation on the Statute for a European company (Societas Europaea), the changes effected by the Treaty of Nice of February 2001 and the changes effected by the Treaty of Accession of 2003. As the contents section in the website shows, the text provides much more to cover the entire spectrum of EU activity.

Information on the EU which is even only adequate can require over 20 publications costing over £1,000. To update this information can cost another £1,000 plus every year in subscription fees. This is simply not cost effective in terms of money - not to mention time and energy. "EU Brief" represents substantial savings in time, energy and money in locating data and in digesting complex developments. It is now in its 20th Edition. Only "EU Brief", with its long pedigree, represents such an invaluable sourcing tool. It is your instant business, legal and financial adviser.