EU Brief Subscription Information

" EU Brief "  is normally priced at £135 for 4 volumes (inc p&p). As a special introductory offer, orders get a discount of over £35 - only £99.50 (inc p&p) will be invoiced. No payment need be sent now.

A further discount of £5 is given where a cheque or credit card payment accompanies the order - only £94.50 is payable. Cheques should be made payable to Locksley Press Limited. Credit card payments can only be made by either telephoning Freephone 0800 917 8104 or completing the credit card payment on the Order Form in any loose insert brochure.

Whether you avail of one or both discounts, this is an on-approval offer.  The text may also be inspected for 21 days without obligation.  If you are not totally satisfied, you may return the text and the subscription will be cancelled and any payment refunded.  Otherwise Locksley Press Limited will continue to forward the new edition unless you cancel.

With an update comprising some 1,000 pages replacing any redundant pages, a new edition is created. The update is published in two parts, each comprising approx. 500 pages. The pricing policy is to keep the cost of these updates creating new editions at approx. £80 for the foreseeable future. Your total commitment is therefore approx. £80 per new edition and you may cancel at any time.